Leadership style put everyone at ease

The morning of my first guided hike I was feeling so uneasy and so unsure if I could “keep up” that I almost bailed. What if the guide was one of those ultra-athletes whose idea of slow was my version of a sprint? What if all of the other participants were stronger and more knowledgeable that me? I’m so glad that all of those doubts didn’t stop me from showing up that day. As soon as Shauna pulled out the first map and started talking, her love of the outdoors shone through her eyes and smile. I could tell that she truly enjoyed building confidence in others so that they can enjoy hiking without any hesitation. Beyond her technical skills (which are insane), Shauna’s way of being and her leadership style put everyone at ease almost instantly. There was no need to go fast, but she helped us reach spectacular places we never imagined possible. Now, many of my weekends are full of hiking and snowshoeing and I often find myself sharing little tidbits of info that Shauna taught me along the way. It’s a little crazy, but after hiking with Shauna for a while …. I am a bit of a nature junkie and want to be out all the time – but I still go slow 🙂  

Heather R.

Put me at ease

I’ve always loved the outdoors, but after many years of living so close to the Rockies and K-Country I realized that I was missing out on really experiencing nature because of my fear of the unknown. I eventually decided to sign up for a beginner’s hiking series where I had the amazing good fortune to be introduced to Shauna as our hiking guide. Shauna’s friendly, down to earth manner, as well as her very extensive knowledge of the backcountry and survival skills, instantly put me at ease. Every hike with her was a fun, confidence building adventure, plus an opportunity to share in her knowledge of the history and the flora and fauna of the areas we were hiking, as well as lots of useful information about hiking safely. Shauna has the perfect knack for encouraging personal growth through challenging ourselves to explore new territory, but without ever making us feel like it was a race to the end of the trail or the top of a peak. I’m looking forward to more hiking adventures with Shauna in the future!

Carrie C.

Gave me the courage to do things I never thought

Shauna’s knowledge and experience made me feel so comfortable. As a prairie girl I put all of my trust in her and if she said eat this plant I ate it lol and her energy, positive attitude and passion for the outdoors gave me the courage and belief in myself to do things I never thought I would do!

Trina R.

Feel comfortable in the outdoors

I call Shauna the Hiking Guide Extraordinaire. Shauna has a way of welcoming everyone and making them feel comfortable in the outdoors. She meets you where you are at and guides you to the next level of adventure and experience. Before, I always worried about being “the slow one” in the hiking group; however, I have discovered through pacing and a positive group dynamic, which Shauna provides brilliantly, it is possible for everyone to make it to the destination, be it a beautiful view up on a ridge, or a walk through an alpine forest with flowers. If Shauna is guiding a hike, I know it will be a great time!

Jocelyn B.

A lot of fun

The hiking trips have been OUTSTANDING! Just perfect and a lot of fun. Totally appropriate to my ability with a slight increase in difficulty.

Jennifer E. 

Extremely skilled guide

Extremely skilled guide, worked very well with our group.

Sandra M.

Felt safe and secure

Fantastic! Clear on instructions, lots of experience, fun, positive. Felt safe and secure all the time.

Arlene F.

Cheerful, well-informed and motivating

Shauna is such a great guide. She’s cheerful, well-informed and motivating.

Lucy M.

Shining example of service

Top notch! Knew her stuff, shining example of service!

Charlene O.

Excellent guide and more

Fabulous three days! Shauna was an excellent guide and more!

Dara L.

Fantastic Trip!

Fantastic trip! Ensured the cultural awareness of the region was appreciated.

Jerra S.

Always cheerful and encouraging

Awesome guide!  Handled a diverse group with aplomb.  Always cheerful and encouraging.

Kerry G.

Knowledgeable in all aspects

Shauna was amazing! Very knowledgeable and very helpful in all aspects of the trip!

Mary J.

Shares knowledge in helpful manner

Shauna is a delightful guide. She shares her knowledge in a helpful and appropriate manner.

Tamara F.

Excellent guide

Shauna is an excellent guide and enjoyable to be around.

Stacey P. 

Made it so much fun!

Shauna is fantastic, she made it so much fun!

Leanne R. 

Looking forward to other trips

Looking forward to doing other trips with Shauna!

 Jody T.